Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hookless Shower Curtain

It takes only seconds to hang a Hookless shower curtain...

The Hookless shower curtains have revolutionized the hospitality industry – and now we bring them to you at home. 
The patented “Flex-On” Rings are built right into the Hookless Shower Curtain – so you simply pop them over the shower rod. There are no shower rings to struggle with – just easy on and off.  

 There are a variety of styles and colors that will accent any bathroom d├ęcor. The curtains are just a little longer than the standard shower curtain – that compensates for the higher placement of the curtain on the shower rod. They also work beautifully with the Curved Shower rods that are so popular today.

Different curtains – different fabrics – but they are all have a special ultrasonically cut bottom hem that allow water to roll off the fabric – which prevents mold and mildew.
The curtains are water “repellant” – but not water proof. There is also a solution for this – as “It’s A Snap Liners” are available on certain shower curtains. They simply snap on and can be easily removed so that the entire curtain does not have to be taken down for cleaning.

And – “GREEN” shower curtains are also available with the One Planet brand. They are constructed of 100% recycled (PET) plastic water bottles. One single curtain saves 60 plastic water bottles from going into the landfill!!
Also offered are the PEVA shower curtains that are curtains made from a non-chlorine, biodegradable material. Lightweight and easy to clean they are waterproof and anti-microbial. This is an inexpensive and responsible choice for a non-toxic and chemical free environment.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Arc shower rod

The curved shower rod is always a popular choice for both residential and the hospitality market. Now there is an option for that clean, contemporary look.
is the newest design in CURVED SHOWER RODS!!



The Arc shower bar is one of our more popular curved shower bars.

This shower rod is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Arc shower bar will not rust. The 1" flat bar design with an 8" arc can easily be cut to fit a smaller size. And, the compact wall brackets are mounted using 3 screws for extra strenght.

The bar can adjust from 59 3/9" to 61" simply by the way the rod is mounted.

They are available in either a Chrome or a Brushed Nickel finish.
The wall brackets are cast from zinc and designed with 3 mounting holes to provide extra strength. The mounting hardware is included.
And - also available are Decorative Wall Plates. You can hide unsightly damage caused by previous rod installations with a pair of decorative wall plates. No additional fasteners are required.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    How to Measure for your Custom Shower Rod.

    We are often asked - How do I measure my space for my new shower rod ???

    Straight and Curved shower rods - the measurement is from finished wall to finished wall. 

    Other shapes - we measure from the finished wall to the center of either the angle or curve.